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Play An Intelligent Game!

Your planet, HIP 13044 b in the Andromeda Galaxy, is on the verge of destruction by the agitation of its inhabitants. You are their Intelligent Agent living as a Human Being on the planet Earth. Your Mission is to master human’s best qualities that could save your planet.

Ruth is your guide on the Earth.


We remember and call our Loved Ones to ask how they are doing and what is going on in their lives. In other words, we Pay Attention to them.

Pay Attention to Yourself: Set up a reminder to Observe Yourself once or more daily (magical number is 3). See how you are and what is going on in your mind (Mental State Self-Check).

Inner Peace

Accepting our Mental State at any given moment is the Path to Inner Peace. Sometimes We just have to accept that we can not accept.

Use the Peace Meter to indicate how OK you are with your current Mental State. It could be low but you could be at peace with it (High Peace Meter).


Ideally, if you know I’m suffering, you won’t do anything to increase it. You might even help to alleviate my pain.

Share Mental State in Groups with the people you care for (spouse, children, romantic relationship, friend, …) to increase Collective Empathy.


Discover Patterns and understand your emotions.


Logical Limitation of the Logic

Logic is the Methodology for relating thoughts in order to make decisions and reach conclusions (reasoning). Logic has helped us a great deal to reach where we are in Philosophy, Mathematics, and Science.

The Ultimate Methodology
Let’s define the Ultimate Methodology as the Ultimate Logical Tool for creating all other methodologies. Since it is a methodology itself, it needs to use itself to create itself, therefore a Paradox. Before solving this paradox, there is no absolute logical premise to drive absolute conclusions from, and all methodologies including logic and science will remain relative and their use in answering the Ultimate Questions (Consciousness and Infinity) will be misleading.
By its nature, Logic can create Dogma and any type of dogmatism; Logical, Philosophical, Political, Religious, Scientific, …; is a hindrance in the pursuit of the truth.

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